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Robot Coin Game - Earn FREE Bitcoin

Play Robot Coin Game and earnFREE Bitcoin by defeating robots!

You just need a Bitcoin wallet, in case you haven't it yet, you can
 choose among these web services to get your Bitcoin wallet. 

1. SIGN UP RobotCoinGame

2. Enter your BTC Address



Defeat Robots to win Bitcoin rewards - robot HP must reach 0 first. Robots have different levels with different HP and rewards. Higher level robots have more HP but give out better prizes.

Earn 1,000,000 satoshis when you beat the level 20 Robot!

Robots' Attacks

You can upgrade your Attacks by using your coin balance. Having more powerful attack power will help defeating faster the higher leveled robots.

Tip: getting attack level 7 costed a sumed amount of 0.0101 Bitcoin (1,010,000 satoshi), and to break even (ROI) it was necessary to reach zone 15. Therefore, for now ECoinland decides to stop investing on attack power, and go ahead the next levels till zone 20 with attack level 7. So, the hint is to invest on attack power as soon as earning the needed amount, and repeat up to attack level 7.
UPDATE: to finish the game in a reasonable time, decided to invest and fully upgrade attack power. To reach to level 10 attack, added 0.021 BTC from earnings, so the total invest from earnings was: 0.0311 Bitcoin. After defeating the Boss robot at area 20, the earnings after breaking even the investement were over 0.019 Bitcoin. Next, restarted the game and reinvested over 100,000 satoshi in attack power, before withdrawing 0.018 Bitcoin.

You must wait in between attacks, and shorter attack times will be activated during promo periods.


Level up zones by defeating a variable amount of robots. The higher the zone the robots will be more powerful, and they will drop bigger rewards. With each new zone you face, a new higher leveled robot will be introduced. You will still encounter lower leveled robots also, but robots that are the same level as the zone will appear more likely.

You can cashout directly to your wallet once you reach a balance of 6,000 satoshis. If you
 use a Xapo wallet, the funds will appear immediately. If you use a non-Xapo wallet, you will have to wait up to 30 minutes for it to show up. 

Once you defeat the Robot in Zone 20, you will receive 1,000,000 satoshis, your balance will automatically cashout to your wallet and you will be able to play again from the beginning!

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