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Download CoinCollector V5 - [Multi Faucet Bot]


  • ePay Section - 16 of the sites listed at ePay.info (+ 2 Faucetbox faucets)
  • Xapo Section - 14 reliable sites that pay strait to a Xapo wallet (+ 4 Faucetbox faucets)
  • FaucetBox (Dogecoin) - 18 reliable sites that pay through Faucetbox
  • FaucetBox (Bitcoin) - 18 reliable sites that pay through Faucetbox
Sites above :
ePay Ref


Faucetbox - You do not need to create an account, this is done automatically and you can check your earnings using the following link :
 *your bitcoin OR dogecoin address*

Features Demo :
1:00 > 8:28 : Custom Section
2:13 > 2:33 : Faucet List Checker
8:38 > 13:16 : Scheduler
13:18 > End : Captcha Server Status

9KW Captcha Demo :


* Installation Notes *

CoinCollector does NOT need to be installed and is ready to use out of the box,
Just enter your BC, Doge and Xapo ID into the Settings panel,
then chose a captcha service if you dont want to enter captchas manually.

Captcha Service Needed For Fully Auto
Captcha services supported :
- 2Captcha
- Deathbycaptcha
- Decaptcher
- Antigate

-- *Captcha Sniper
-- *GSA Captcha
(* = Working but low success rate)

Other captcha services can be used by using either Captcha Sniper or GSA Captcha Breaker as a tunnel
(So if the captcha service you want to use is not supported by my bot then you can run one of the above softwares and use any of the captcha services listed as backup within CS or GSA settings)


Is it buggy ?.... Yes
Is it going to make you rich over night ?.... No
Can you quit your day job with this bot ?..... No

Is it better and easier than doing them all manually ?....... YES!

If you have problems getting CoinCollector V4 to run
please try these common fix steps "1 BY 1" :

some simple steps that fix most common issues :
(eg. Stuck on "Loading...", wont open, crashes etc etc ....)

  1. Run the bot with Admin rights
  2. Install this (C++ Lib) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  3. Install this (.NET 4.5) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653
  4. Make sure your AV and Firewall are not blocking, add the bot to any whitelists
  5. make sure Windows UAC is not blocking the bot from functioning
  6. Move the bot folder including ALL FILES to "C:/"
  7. Try setting compatibility to Windows Vista SP2
  8. Restart your PC
TBN Special
Licenses are FREE until further notice !

Yes CoinCollector is FREE,
Please consider a donation to enable me to keep this bot free, donation buttons are at the top of each section, and thank you to those that do

Get your license here :

some users seemed to find it difficult to click the correct download link here is a video showing the "EXACT" procedure

Download CoinCollector V4
(Setup file - Includes ALL Support files) :



Download CoinCollector V4.3
(Executable and Config files ONLY - Support files will be downloaded on first run) :


* Update Log ~ see "PLEASE READ BEFORE USE" in bots folder *

As usual you know where i am if you need help or report any bugs

Enjoy [​IMG]

Source : http://thebot.net/threads/coincollector-v4-multi-faucet-bot.316973/
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