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After Bitcoin, Now Appearing Virtual Currency Ethereum

NEW YORK, KOMPAS.com - you may remember that virtual currency bitcoin that cause various polemics in various countries.

Botcoin now has a rival, the virtual currency called Ethereum whose value soared 1,000 percent in just three months.

Large companies in the field of finance and technology such as JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and IBM also helped highlight the existence Ethereum. They call Ethereum as Bitcoin 2.0.

Just as Bitcoin, Ethereum system built by blockchain which records all transactions. This system promises of money and asset exchange system is faster and cheaper than the conventional system chain.

However, excess Ethereum Ethereum than Bitcoin is not only functions as a virtual currency. Ethereum software also creates a way to create an online market and transactions that can be programmed known as smart contracts.

The system is quite complicated, but only with one of these applications a merchant or farmer can sell their goods directly to consumers and receive payments directly anyway.

Various systems of this kind have been built in Ethereum, which allows for new ways to organize and pay for electricity, sports betting, to an investment Ponzi scheme. Ethereum head office is located in Brooklyn, New York, United States and have at least 50 developers.

Ethereum first public version was just released. However, many parties viewed this Ethereum system will cause various technical problems and legal like Bitcoin.

However, the system's ability Ethereum so fascinating for some corporate executives in the United States. Last year, IBM said it is testing Ethereum as a way to control an object in the real world on the Internet.

Microsoft also made a series of projects to facilitate the use of Ethereum in the Azure cloud. "Ethereum is a common platform where you can resolve many issues in the industry with an elegant solution. It is the most elegant solution we've seen so far, "said Marley Gray, director of business development and strategy at Microsoft.

Source: Compass, taken from The New York Times
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